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I agree with everything everyone said about this being a mental health concern. I'm a counselor and this is very troubling behavior that requires serious help from a professional. Tell her if she wants you to give her access to that freezer, she must first attend regular therapy sessions and deal with whatever is driving her to stockpile these dinners. Then and ONLY then will you CONSIDER unlocking the freezer. I would have done the same in your shoes. When you live with others, all communal spaces are shared.
NTJ. If your husband's brother is now having issues with your hubby, just known it's gonna happen enevitably while he's with said witch. You didn't cause it. I'd either not go and have the best birthday bash with SIL ever and post tons of pics about it and tell EVERYONE what fun y'all had, or (after attending birthday) go to the wedding in sweat pants, look bored, leave your phones in the car so you can't take pics, and while at the reception keep talking about how great the birthday party you attended yesterday was.
NTJ. All children, even grown ones, deserve 1-on-1 time with their parents. As a therapist. I am constantly telling parents to do this because every child deserves to be the center of a parent's attention at times. He lives with her so who gets the most time with mom? How is bringing him when she's suppose to see you twice a month not showing HIM favoritism? She needs to tell Steve to back the off. This is your time and you deserve it too. She can take little brother out for his day at the zoo on different days when she's not with you. And y'all should also do something as a family once in a while too, that way you're still in the kid's life whether y'all are close or not.
NTJ for refusing to wear memorabilia for a team you don't like, but you are the jerk for not speaking up and telling them. Granted, they must be blind to not realize you occasionally wear a rival team's stuff, but sometimes people just don't notice things for various reasons (I'm ADHD and can stare directly at something but it doesn't register in my brain what I'm looking at, so in essence I don't see it). People don't know what we fail to tell them. By trying to act grateful for the gift, you are essentially lying to them. Then they are left to wonder if there's some other reason you won't wear it (is she mad at me? Does she not like me?etc). Telling people the truth about how we feel or what we like may sting a little when the gift they give doesn't line up, but that pain is much less than the pain of being lied to when someone acts in a way that isn't genuine. And if telling them the truth sends them into an emotional downfall just remember, it's your job to tell it as it is and you are not responsible for how other people feel or respond. Unless he's a jerk and wants to force you to share in his views, I can guarantee you the result would have been a lot less heartache for you all had you been honest.
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