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It is the job of the mother to come prepared to entertain her own child. NTJ
In stead of adult content get the cat
WOW, you are the epitome of privileged white male. NO SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO GET USED TO HAVING JERKS LIKE YOU MAKE UNCOMFORTABLE, BELITTLING COMMENTS! I was that female 40 years ago, you a$$ hats haven’t changed especially when you have not taken responsibility for the tacky disgusting comments. In a niche field with few people YOUR reputation will proceed you, job offers will dry up or you will be stuck with companies that don’t expand because they are filled with boys who are like minded. You and your friends who agree with you need to step back and see what is happening in the real world or it is going to pass you by. No
You must have a small bus if you can get 3 children with I assume car seats for at least one AND three adults. Time for a sit down with him. Also go away without the children for two nights. Let him see how easy it is to not preplan.
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