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I have BPD too and its mild, but I don't act like that. I act out only when im in a negative environment like being married to a womanizer and addict who became an ex 25 years ago. I have begun to heal because i stay away from toxic environments and now happily married. Seriously did nothing wrong. I don't see what she had to be upset about.. you don't need to be in this type of relationship. She's emotionally abusive to you. She needs therapy..
My kids wouldn't mind at all. Jeez your kids are grown living their own lives.
I had 3 MILs and I would never do that.
Lol. My husband complained about me doing the same thing, but guess what? We've been together for 15 years. We love each other, good and bad. He doesn't seem to focus on who you really are. It's more of who he wants you to be, his ideal partner.
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