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Just a grandma enjoying life, my grandkids, and a flock of rescue ducks with their own little personalities :-)

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To No-Trouble817...She's in EIGHTH GRADE!! You suggested that grandpa pay to rent her (her) OWN apartment!? Are you effing Serious?? She's 12 or 13 years old! Please quit responding to these unless you read the entire post. Holy crap. If you sincerely think that a 13 year old should be living on her own, then YOU are the one needing help. I certainly hope she doesn't take you seriously. I'm not offering advice because she has already gotten excellent responses from others well...except for you. Please read these OP's all the way though before you respond. TY.
With friends like you, who needs enemies? I'm just thankful that neither I, nor anyone I care about, knows you.
Wow. The people here taking 'sides'. This is easy, because I don't care if the person is your friend, your sibling, or your parent. You have absolutely NO business sticking your nose in other people's personal marriage problems. Nope. Notta. Tend your own garden and repeat after me..."Not my circus, Not my monkeys". Live by it.
Your sister's an curious. Just for the record, I'm a 69 yr old grandma, and a conservative who sees nothing wrong with being trans/gay or other. True love is hard to come by, and if your child finds it, they are blessed. Don't ever let ANYONE tear down your child's dreams or make them think they are less because of who they are or who they choose to love. I'd put the sister in hard no contact. She doesn't deserve to know you or your child.
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