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Just a grandma enjoying life, my grandkids, and a flock of rescue ducks with their own little personalities :-)

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Wow. You're a really special little pumpkin, aren't you?!! Try that crap with a manager when you get a real job and see how far that gets you. Time to grow up, little girl.
I own a business. If an employee breaks something during their shift, it's NOT their responsibility to replace it. Things get broken. Sh*t happens. Move on from it. She should have told you. I wonder why she didn't? Could it be that you're either not easy to talk to, or maybe a bit hypercritical? Check yourself. If she makes a habit of being spacy, THEN you have reason to fire her, as she could pose a safety risk to your kids, but over a microwave? Really?? (Eye roll).
You're a huge jerk, and a reminder to us all that money can't buy class or good manners.
I was going to say everyone sucks here, but it's quite apparent that there's more than enough of that going on already. Have a nice life.
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