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No jerks here. The two of you have incompatible life goals. Despite how good the “chemistry” may be, you can’t build a future together. Your BF is wrong for trying to guilt you into moving to China, but he’s not the jerk for wanting to go back “home.”
You are SUCH a jerk. You have your kid babysitting for “just a few hours” multiple days of the week, which means her social life is severely curtailed at a time in her life when she’s supposed to be exploring the world and making choices of her own, not taking responsibility for the other children you chose to have. Then, when she’s ill, you still insist that she work through her illness while you go off to play AND you refuse to get her the medical care she needs. I hope there are other family members who can take her in because all you’re doing is using her, not parenting her.
Your sister needs to grow up. You did nothing to hijack the excitement if family and friends over her special day at her special place. You and your wife have two special memories at that place. So what? How does she decide she has a right to police the actions of her family and friends so that one else can have any special memories at a place she decided was special? She sounds like a toddler crying because some other toddler has the same toy she does. NTJ
Missing teeth are a health issue because it affects how well he chews his food. I’m shocked that the Veteran’s Administration won’t cover the work. As for cosmetic surgery, whether you can afford it depends on what else you can’t afford if you spend the money on the surgery—and that depends on your and your husband’s priorities. You’re NTJ for wanting to address something that makes you feel uncomfortable about yourself, but underarm flab and teeth do not deserve the same priority even if part if the benefit from new teeth is cosmetic.
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