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Ntj having to have dentures of any form at a young age is not a good thing it makes you self conscious. Especially when it was genetically bad teeth as to why you had to have them. People have made made fun of Me for it and used me as an example also when I was born with genetically bad teeth I was 32 when i got mine I had to go with out them though for a good 7 years
I don't think your a jerk, I think you are a normal teenager who didn't understand that some jobs you can't take off last minute as you get older you will realize that your dad was not a jerk either. He done what he could in those 3 days that you stayed with to make up for having to work your birthday morning
Ntj, my children fight, and don't get along but they always stick up for each other. I as a mamma of a teen who just recently decided in the past couple of years that she is pan sexual am very proud of you for sticking up for your sibling.
I believe I'm God and Jesus however I don't identity with any certain church.. teaching your child the golden rule would be a good start Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto you. Also anyone should not judge You because you choose to believe In God ( the comment above). Just as I am choosing not to judge you. As my dad has always said if you do die and there is No God have you lost out on anything by believing in him. No you have not.

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