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NTJ You offered to pay for most of this trip. He was to hold the dog alternately with you or your husband. He did not do that. He tied a service dog to a fence and went off to have fun. Then he ran away from you when you pointed out he was not upholding his end of the agreement. He is 19, not 9. No pass here on the "I'm just a kid!" He is old enough to be drafted, drive a car, get married and have a job. Will he play the "kid" card if he gets a job? While driving a car? (I'm just a kid and I wanted to see how fast the car could go!) You get the idea. At 19 I got married, cooked meals, cleaned house, worked full time and figured out how to manage on little to no money. I never called in sick to work and worked overtime as often as possible to help with the bills while my spouse went to law school. He gets no sympathy from me. Never trust him again and ignore anyone who thinks you are wrong for the reality check for this spoiled brat.
NTJ WOW! 17,000 and she thinks it is okay? Your son at risk. Who is to say she won't decide to use his trust accout like her personal bank account also. That could lead to your son losing his license to practice law. What the heck was she buying? This is not making a small mistake and charging a meal or two to your card. This is serious spending. That is easily what son folks make in a year of hard work for their total living expenses. Look at it from that perspective. Big deal. Call the cops.
NTJ Rachel is weird. She thinks you have to ask permission to go out with someone in your friend group? Totally crazy. Now I might see someone talking to a former spouse before going out with the ex but only like "hey, your ex asked me out and I just wanted to let you know". But someone she may have gone out with years ago. She is nuts. Have fun!
NTJ Anyone who has been living rent and utility free a hasn't saved anything is stupid and will be a nigthmare. They won't contribute to your bills as they have no idea what bills are for real living. If they party and buy clothes instead of true living expenses they will freeload off of you. The mother is getting rid of them for a reason. If your folks will say out, you have got to be pretty bad. Stay clear of these people.
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