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NTJ You provided your nephews with a job for how many years? This is more than their mother has done. Your kids get anything you have to leave. Your nephews did not make any financial contributions to the business so why would they suddenly think it is theirs? You are moving to be closer to your daughters which just shows that they are important to you. The nephews should be keeping their heads down and working so they don't lost the jobs you have provided for years.
NTJ No need to apologize to Anna or her brother. He was a total jerk. He implied you were overweight but then supposedly has issues with his own body or looks being insulted? Nope. Someone who has body issues should not be insulting others. You reap what you sow as the Bible says. Plus he was pressing you to go to bed with him and claiming that saying no was really a yes. WOW! His sister does not know what a total jerk her brother is (or I hope she doesn't know).
NTJ It is your wedding and should be what you want. If the cake has any visible strawberries on it then anyone with an allergy should just skip it. Anymore folks seem to think that all menus should be based on the allergies/preferences of the guests. I think this is wrong. Your wedding, your choices. If someone has a life threatening allergy, they should avoid activites that will put them at risk. Their responsibility. Otherwise you will have the folks who don't do eggs, flour (wheat you know), sugar, berries, nuts and meat all yelling about what they want. Folks will be down to passing out bottled water to avoid the no jerk, no sugar, no diet drinks, no caffeine and on and on. Mom apparently does not have a major allergy if she can eat something that touched a strawberry. Sounds like she does not like them. Not your issue.
NTJ If your roomie has the kid a lot, she is either really attached (doesn't sound like it) or maybe she is being paid by the parents to babysit. If that is the case then the roomie definitely needs to pay for any food this kid eats. And you have told her you are not babysitting and that includes cooking for a kid. Her niece and her responsibility.
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