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Absolutely buy him a phone. Then make sure he is WELL AWARE there will be NO replacement when he breaks it. NTA for your reasoning, but gotta be equal across the board.
Think of your money in terms of time. If you're working a minimum wage job, $7 is more than half an hours pay. As in you'd have to work for half an hour just to tip this business ---a business that seems to scam their customers. NTA. Keep your hard earned money.
What does your and Victor's relationship have to do with Krystal and Jeremy? You all can have whichever mate you choose, it doesn't seem like either of you want the other's significant other, so where does the problem lie? Seems to me as long as everyone shuts up, y'all can be happy. Tell everyone to jerk off and live your life.
NTJ. Kids need to learn from mistakes. Next time he'll try harder. Not every kid deserves a trophy.
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