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Not a jerk for wanting to talk to your friends on Discord, but you might be a jerk for some other stuff. Young people have limits. Your phone time was limited so you avoided human interaction? That's bogus. You made a choice to avoid people. And I'm buy I don't know that it's the case that people excluded you because you had to be back home by a certain time, when you're being a "jerk" as you put it and lashing out at people to the point you felt you needed to a apologize-- now I don't blame you for that. You're young. Emotions get the better of all of us sometimes and people make mistakes. But maybe things like that are why you're excluded and not your curfew. Also, you're upset because you can't be social because your mom has cut off certain accesses because you dont act appropriately on social media-- that's called punishment. If you've gotten into some trouble and those things have been taken away, the point is not for you to be social. That's your wake up call that you're acting inappropriately and you need to get yourself together to regain a privilege, if you want to be able to do that. So, you're not a jerk for wanting to pick your friends. You are trippin for not better acknowledging your responsibility in why people might actually be distancing themselves and why you've lost privileges.
Why would you continue to do this job?
Ntj. You handled the situation and explained yourself well. You're not their sitter. And good job reading the possibility of your dog snapping. Dogs are not play things.
Going to say ytj; you offered to pay more before, but refused after she had been trying to come up with money herself and tried to do it in a way that she wasn't taking money from you-- you have some weird control issues. And this isnt as simple as just not wanting to cosign. You offered not too long before, so you just decided to to be an asshole because she didn't want to do things your way, and you framed this very nicely to not show clearly how you were being fucked up-- you kinda sound like a narcissist. Not trying to be hateful, but you want to get treatment for that.
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