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Done that. I turned a friend in once....cost me a very dear friend. He ran from the law, crashed...he killed his brother and 2 others, and [was] paralyzed. 10 years later, we were catching up/at school reunion...he thanked me for doing what was right [he "died" later that night]
Tell J to file a complaint. Have it go on record. [When sent back to class, and rejected, go back to office an tell them] keep doing this multiple times and get it on record; have J pass word to other girls, start a "Riot" if they get kicked out/sent back, refused, etc... ALL THE GIRLS PROTEST AND GET THIS ON RECORD
Shoulda "snapped" her. A video, her making noise in background....
Does SIL have kids? .... lecture her. Tell her what it will be like. You ask HER child, they say no, you still pick them up etc....
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