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NTJ!!! Your mother is incredibly self centered. Your wife lost her mother and needed you. Your children needed you. If your parents can’t understand that, tell them to get lost and to not expect anything from you again.
NTJ, but she is a petty, spoiled, witch. She is refusing to go to your wedding. Do NOT go to hers. Congrats on your engagement. I hope that planning is smooth. She is not as good as a friend as you deserve. The audacity she has expecting literally no one else she knows to not get married this year is beyond ridiculous. Tell her to go kick rocks and that you will not be attending her wedding. You will be better off.
YTJ!!!!! I am the oldest of 4 and have a different dad as well. I know what it feels like to have my mom treat me differently because of that. Her dad bought it. My dad would buy me special things from time to time too, and if my mom took it from me because my younger siblings were upset, he would show up to the house and flat out tell her off. My stepdad never said a word either way.
This is a CPS case. You are NTJ. She is a horrible parent and shouldn’t have any kids. She has shown she can’t take care of the 3 she has. Why would having a 4th one be any different?
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