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Ntf but leaning toward esh. You want to be treated as an adult but are acting like a child. Your parents are right about them being in charge until you move out. My parents never let me wait and do chores when i feel like it that s a totally normal thing for them to yell about. Do your dang chores. Your mom is def a jerk tho for some of the things she said
Ntj the ytj comments are crazy. Apparently they cant read either. You are under NO obligation to that woman she isnt even related to him. His father can go thru the caseworker you have no obligation to do anything they dont tell u to. The child does NOT want to go back. Thats his choice and its also his choice if he wants any contact. Your fine ignore the crazies and do whats best for your nephew.
Prob smokes curious. Not a terrible thing. Especially with a mom like that i wouldnt fault her but most older parents see unpredictable as the devil. Plus some people dont want to actually say what they are doing to be immortalized on the internet. *shrugs* thats all i can think of since mom isnt trying to force her into rehab or anything.
Ytj technically it's legal but morally your def a jerk. 1 day? Fine 2 days? Pushing the jerkiness. But 3 days? That's just rude. You didn't even attempt to get a spot NEAR THE ACTUAL BUS STATION.
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