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Ytj technically it's legal but morally your def a jerk. 1 day? Fine 2 days? Pushing the jerkiness. But 3 days? That's just rude. You didn't even attempt to get a spot NEAR THE ACTUAL BUS STATION.
Wow not one of you give a sht about this person's mental health. The friend KNEW it was a problem because he omitted it on purpose. So why is ex boss even there? This whole situation is screwed up. Your friend is a huge AH for knowingly inviting someone he knew you could not be around for your sanity. You aren't a jerk no matter what all.these people are saying. Mental health is important and everyone's situation is Diff. Sometimes you CANT just suck it up. A lot of you are sounding like the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps " types. Maybe you all need to grow tf up and realize you know NOTHING about this individuals mental health issues regarding said ex boss. Obviously it's serious enough that they are willing to not go to a CLOSE FRIENDS wedding over it. Maybe that was your first hint it isn't just a minor squabble they need to get over. All of you really.need to grow some empathy and read up on mental health. You are NTA and I hope you get help for this extreme anxiety a out your ex boss. <3
Ntj she destroyed your family for 5 min of strange. Not.once but twice. I agree with you but.i.honestly wouldn't forgive her
Ntj and I'd be done with her Mother or not. Who tells their youngest they aren't as good as their cousins? A pos. Take your bro and dip. She can have the wonderful cousins there with her. I never understood why people let family treat them this way I dropped my only grandma and didn't go to her funeral because she told me and my 6 ur old bro we weren't good enough and she hated our family. Then ignored us in favor of my cousins. I do t regret it at all.
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