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Ntj your husband is being very manipulative in those situations. You don't agree to something with your own children and then go against it like that. They are expecting you to be home at a certain time. If you are not, they are of course going to worry.
Ntj. Your parents are grieving deeply, just as you are and everybody Grieves differently. They are lashing out because they don't know how to control their emotions yet with everything happening. They're overwhelmed as you are and having a hard time. They love you very much and they want the best for you. I'm so sorry you're all struggling so badly and for you especially, please look into getting some help with your depression and anxiety. I'm very sorry for your losses. You're doing a great job.
Ntj. Get a lock on your door though eh
Ntj you need and deserve your freedom. Get out while you can and live your life.
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