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I've been LDS for nearly 40 years and this is absolutely NOT NORMAL. I've seen nothing like this. Ever. Older couples do tend to follow more traditional roles but the wife gets a great deal more respect. Your husband has some serious mental health issues that have NOTHING to do with the church you go to. If my husband pulled this crap I'd be taking the kids to a shelter and getting a job to support myself. He's watching you to see what you're up to.
You and your siblings need a family meeting. They all need to know the game mom is playing. None of them are responsible for mom.
She wanted to punish little for liking you and doing some fun together. So sad.
I wish I had a sister that would hand me a thousand a month. My social security is only $800 a month. I own my house but my utilities are half my income. Then I buy groceries, gasoline, and car insurance. A thousand dollars of free money a month.... that is way too much to just be giving away.
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