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Of she thinks she has more claim to him than his bio daughter she's a piece of jerk. Stepsister and mother are being petty so what it was on stepsisters bday it's not like baby showers last all jerk day the stepsister and her mother need to get over the pettiness who says she even set the date cause .y mom planned mine
Strong NTJ he should have told you before hand or at least respected the fact that you took yourself out of the equation instead of letting his family bully or control you. Also, that all you did was thank them for the meal and leave I would of thrown a whole fit and I'm 34 lol wanna treat me like a child IMMA SHOW YOU MFRS A CHILD.....ENJOY jerk
Tell him to jerk off respectfully because he is a grown jerk man why does he have to hide that from his momma, also he's just a general class A jerk for allowing her to continuously downgrade you and not defend you.
She was feeding her child that doesn't make her a jerk. Furthermore they knew she breastfed and it's immoral to expect a mother to feed in the bathroom. DOES YOUR STUPID jerk WANNA EAT IN THE jerk BATHROOM!?!?!
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