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Does she make a habit of doing this? Doesn't sound like it. Let her do her thing. The fact that you were in tears, and were passively aggressively trying to make her feel bad for not cooking you breakfast is an asshole move. Fake crying for attention is a girl move, not a man move, I would have been super annoyed with you too. In fact I don't even know you, and I am annoyed.
Maybe not a jerk, but completely reckless, and dumb. Stay away from strangers that threaten you! Don't you know a red flag when you see one?!
NTJ, I get the feeling that her "amazing" husband has noticed you, and said something to his wife about you. In fact, they may have regular conversations about you. Steer clear of them both as much as possible.
YTJ You need to tell her not to use you as a reference if you are not going to give her a good one. She put your name down thinking that it would be a positive, not knowing that you would say something negative about her performance after a fight. I get the feeling that since you said that she has used you as a reference before, this is the first time you told the perspective employer something negative. So when you were not fighting, you gave her a positive reference, and when you are fighting you gave her a negative one - which means that you weren't just being "honest", you were being vindictive.
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