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This is one where I wonder if it's made up/fake....HOW could you put up with that mess of a man child ?- eye disease left untreated can cause blindness, over what, a dinner???? That man Does Not Care about you....most might suggest counseling, but I would suggest divorce....find a better more caring man if you're one who craves companionship...... Or strike out on your own- hopefully with supportive friends,fily. Good luck to you
All responsible dog owners wanna have a "sit down" with L ..she's a horrible doggy mom.....untrained pets can go off anytime and cause damages..or worse,bite someone... she needs to see her vet, hire a trainer for her dog right away. °*having said that, YOUR allergy is what you tell her dumb ass.,not her bad doggy acting ,No ,NO she cannot bring her dog over have ALLERGIES! Responsible dog owners would not Even ask you. Shame on her!.
Glad you said that...while reading this poor girl's post I thought .no dick is that good.. hope she leaves him
As an older person ,mistaken titles drive me crazy..Words are important! ---*** one place you say "partner" -another place you say "spouse". They are not the same--- IF you are NOT married,then you don't have in-laws....we give people titles for a reason. So `your partner's parents'` are wrong for their behavior ,esp if they're actually in-laws !! Hopefully they apologize, then you allow them to visit their new grandchild....BUT. .IF you have a will, state clearly they are not to be appointed guardians if God forbid you die earlier than you baby gets to18.... People don't change,& fussy religious people are some of the worst ! A Healthy Happy Baby is priority..
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