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YTJ. In this one instance, you were the jerk. Car problems are not being a flake. Other times and excuses maybe, but things beyond our control, yep, this time, this hill you have chosen to die on, you are the jerk.
YTJ, wait, this must be a joke or troll post, right? Seriously the most ridiculous AITJ I have read to date (and I read these daily!!). You need some education yourself apparently about technology, cybersecurity, etc. Honestly, I just can't even continue....
NTJ in any way. She is NOT your family by blood, even once you get married, so remind her of that happy dappy fact. Two years you have been together and she knew no different, but all of a sudden just knowing someone's parentage changes how she views someone? I am sorry, but this will never work. She will NEVER see this any differently and you would do well to get out now, and I NEVER recommend that, but I see nothing but hurt in the future.
NTJ. I had a son die from Menkes, so since ED is related, I am very familiar with your connective tissue disorder. But even putting that aside, no matter what your medical history, you have to have a doctor who respects you. Get rid of that doc, find an online community for ED and get a recommendation for someone others have reviewed. And never let a doc or anyone talk down to you about your condition or your body.
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