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Ilikemrrogers, your insight regarding arriving early is for your benefit and not the employers is the most intelligent thing I will ever see on the internet. I hope that younger people will take your advice to heart and avoid years of stress and learn from your experience.
I worked for a fire & flood clean up company. The boss was a real pr*ck, he was always taking the side of the customer and making the workers pay for any perceived damage out of their own pay. Well I accidentally dropped and broke a pretty little sugar bowl and was afraid to tell the boss because he would side with the customer, believing that it was a priceless antique. I didn't report it right away but started searching thrift stores for the same piece and was lucky enough to find 2 identical candle holders with the same pattern. I purchased both of them for a couple of bucks. I broke one of them and brought both the broken pieces and the intact piece of pottery (not the broken sugar bowl) to my boss and said, "I broke this so I went out and replaced it." He didn't dock my pay and the customer was left confused and probably doubting their owning sanity. Win/win in my book.

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