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NTJ for not wanting to give up a house catered to your sisters needs. But surely there were other assets you could split off into that 1/3, or slowly pay him his 3rd over time by paying "rent" to him as 3rd owner of the home. YTJ for trying to give the poor guy nothing. He didn't ask to be born, he definitely didn't ask to be abandoned, and especially given that he never got child support, he is both legally and morally entitled to some of his father's inheritance.
There are SO many dog friendly places, it's not fair to say that people shouldn't go to any of them if they don't wanna be touched by a dog. Dog friendly doesn't mean dogs off leads going and bothering other customers. It means you can bring your dog. Full stop. You're still responsible for it just like you would be anywhere in public.
NTJ. I mean he forced her to keep paying for a cleaner while he was home alone all day? I mean I wouldn't even wanna be friends with a person like that, but if I did, a good friend should tell it like it is. Of course he didn't wanna hear it, but you're NTJ. SOMEONE had to say it.
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