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NTJ. I'll never understand that rule and would never willingly sleep in a house that had it if my husband wasn't my husband already. But it is a known rule and if your sister didn't want to follow it then they could have gotten a hotel room. We don't allow shoes to be worn in our home and enforce that rule. Your parents were just enforcing a rule and you are allowed your opinion you live there and you're family.
NTJ. But you both should sit down and talk things through because unplanned or not a baby is on the way. Does he celebrate Christmas in a religious way? I was raised a catholic but I'm non practicing. Christmas has always just been about family and of course presents for me and my family. I didnlike your compromise of switching on and off.
NTJ. Guess my family is different but for Christmas someone's house may be the place hosting but everyone does something for dinner and it is a family gathering not "someone's event". But it might be a cultural thing as well and I'm not Caucasian. If you proposed to someone in my family no one would be butt hurt about "stealing" attention since it's a freakin FAMILY!

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