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So NTJ. You stated fact and Amy tried to play it off as your opinion. For some people an education can make them book smart but still be life stupid. Me: ‘...but turning off the doors compromises our safety. And this isn’t even about us, it’s about the customers. We have children and elderly customers and they can’t protect themselves.’ A: ‘Okay well that’s your opinion.’ Amy wasn't only being lazy she was being stupidly irresponsible in disregarding the safety of the other women working that evening and the customers. Duh with the store having a history of being robbed the doors aren't kept locked at night for no reason.
NTJ You shouldn't be driving with no sleep for over an hour in an area you're not familiar with and driving someone else's car. This isn't about letting her down it's about putting you in unsafe circumstances. Hopefully your partner will understand once you explain it to her. Anyone who says you are the jerk has issues and very poor judgment. A man in his mid 20's who had at one time worked for me was driving sleep deprived to pick up his wife. He fell asleep at the wheel, crashed and died. He and his wife had a small child who will never know their father. He was his widowed mother's only child. It was heartbreaking. Statistic show that driving drowsy accounts for 20% of traffic related deaths.

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