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Oh curious no!!! My necklace is not religious but I still don't take it off. It has very specific meaning to me and no one gets to say dont wear it. Since it represents your faith too it doesn't make sense not to wear it unless it's a satanic wedding. Just stand by your beliefs and just let her know you will support her decision but this is what you are wearing
NTJ. I know most disagree but when you grow up in a toxic home you become warped. Her saving grace was that she had therapy through all this and still chose to believe her mother's hateful and spiteful lies. There is a chance the mom didn't know about her dad trying to buy the dad out of the their lives but I doubt that. The mom chose to flirt outside the marriage. No fault for not reconciliation and you did make sure you were there for your daughter. I'm sure not all the stress during the divorce was from her side but you made an effort to be a dad. Ultimately it'd your daughter's decision to be an thingy or not. She's made it quite clear her only motive to stay in contact with you I'd thingy but try to make it clear you won't pay but would like to have dinner or something away from your home. There is a good chance life will smack her in the face and she will start to open her eyes that things are rarely one sided and she would be open to talk to you as two adults. Her mom got what she wanted and so did the daughter.
NTJ. Look, my ex-fiance would pull crap like this all the time. He would insist he could 'feel' something was off and if I told him nothing, I was hiding things. This is a manipulation tactic to keep you second guessing yourself and getting you to apologize when asking different words to describe you is not cool. Telling you how to react when someone that says they love you is not ok. You didn't yell, curse back, or carry on in any way he did when you tried to discuss it. Having feelings are ok and you need to decide on what you are ok with in your relationship on how you are treated and spoken too.
NTJ!!!! I was with my husband for 15 years and help support his family. After he passed away, his family was so angry because I honored his wishes over everyone's and buckled down to pay off the debt I was left with. After 18 months, I had to distance myself from them because they wanted me to give over all my extra money to his kids and live on basically nothing. Eventually you have to get grief counseling and if they choose to stop living, let them. You finding joy in living (whether alone or not) is the best way to honor his memory. You have to go on and find the joy you had with him and live. There is no shame or disgrace to choose life. Leave that for the miserable ones that no matter what or how you do will never be enough.
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