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NTJ. I'm so sorry your wishes weren't followed. You deserved to have that moment in the delivery room. Your family sucks and decided to snoop and disrespect your wishes. They had to make it about them. Don't allow them to come around for awhile because that 'she's the family's baby' is wrong on so many levels
My partner's parents are from Mexico and I am very much gringa, but I try. It's really cool to see how much Spanish I pick up from them and they help me with pronouncing words and such. Your cousins are rude to not allow you to speak what you are comfortable with or at least respect you enough to try to learn. Languages are hard but you should rejoice on speaking 3!!!
NTJ. You set a hard boundary and served out the consequences. The cousin should have known when told the rules. Your MIL on the other hand has shown who she is and what she will do every time in the future of ignoring the rules you place. She will get worse when you have kids.
To jerk with them. This is something you and your mom had planned before they came along. You deserve to go with your mom and see your father's home without someone who won't be sympathetic and just there for a trip. Stick to your guns and don't allow her to come. Enjoy your trip and in case you were still wondering, NTJ
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