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Oh, most definitely NTJ! One of my biggest pet peeves is people showing up unannounced! Years ago, I had a couple family members show up on my doorstep on an early Sunday evening with their 3 little kids in tow. (I had to get up insanely early for work the next morning, so I was actually getting ready for bed). I wasn't expecting company, and the kids were in their bathing suits and carrying towels. Apparently they think it's "cute" to surprise people, and the kids wanted to go swimming in my pool. I simply told them sorry, I have to work early tomorrow, so I'm about to get in bed. I really wish you would've called first. And I shut the door. The parents were aghast that I would be so "rude", and the kids were having a screaming meltdown because apparently mommy and daddy said they could come to my house to swim. They tried guilt tripping me for weeks afterwards, but I totally ignored the drama. And the best part? They never tried that crap again!
Definitely NTJ. Your daughter sounds like a brat, just looking for some attention.... nothing wrong with being vegan, but she shouldn't get to dictate what you can or cannot cook in your own home, or what food gets stored where. You're the parent, so you have the final say on how things are done
You say your fiance doesn't judge you for your past? Well, since he allows his friend to insult you, and try to embarrass you in front of other people, instead of defending you.... I think he's not at all ok with your past. Deep down, he probably feels you deserve it. Why else would he side with his friend? And then he accuses you of being manipulative because you were in tears? You better think long and hard about marrying this guy, because he doesn't sound like a decent person at all
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