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That is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard! YTJ. I would've sent you home immediately
What's with all the YTJ comments?? The kid is old enough to learn to listen and not interrupt people. I get that he's only 5, but he needs to learn that sometimes his outbursts are not appropriate, and there are boundaries ... you are definitely NTJ!!
This story can't be real!! Why are you allowing him to treat you like a doormat?? Pack his stuff and put it outside the door and change the locks...
You and your daughters sure did enjoy the cushy life and good pay your wife provided though, didn't you? And now that she has an even better opportunity, you just dismiss it? How come if a man works a stressful job with long hours and great pay, he's generally considered a good man who's providing a good living for his family? But put a woman in that position, suddenly everyone wants to talk about how she's selfish, and a bad wife/mom....jeez people! Biased much?? I hope she takes the job and leaves your spoiled butts behind!
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