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If your bio mom relinquished her parental rights. She is no different than a stranger who showed up at your door and started harassing you. Tim is also of no relation to you. If they show up at your door, call the police.
Why don’t you ask her the same questions and see how see reacts?
NTJ. He has dementia, she is crazy. Whatever the issues are, it does not mean that they don’t have to abide by the same rules as you and the rest of the residents in the complex. Yes, they sound like they both need help and don’t need to be living alone. But by not reporting these issues, you could be endangering their lives as well as yours. Sometimes reporting these issues forces people to get the help they need but refuse to seek until pushed.
NTJ. She ruined her chances by writing a story and passing it off as non-fction. She lied. She displayed her true character when you asked her not to use it.
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