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Your mom needs to immediately get ahold of whatever agency in your state handles child support because in my state not only would she get child support but also spousal due to being a homemaker. Have her do this ASAP. In the meantime there are food banks to get food and will have numbers for resources for your mom. Good luck OP and you are absolutely NTJ!
Is she even trying to bond with her or are you doing everything? If you’re providing all her basic needs then of course she’s doing to be drawn to you. I think there’s more questions here that need answered before we can honestly judge but I would never leave the house or consider asking my spouse to do so.
If she would have taken the dog to the vet annually like she’s supposed to then the vet would have had the conversation with her about how if you aren’t going to breed her she needs to be fixed. It’s better for their temperament and makes them a better dog. Sounds like she’s an irresponsible dog owner. Your NTJ but she is.
LOL right! I laughed at this one. Shes been there a week. She’s a visitor not a tenant so of course she’s not paying rent or cleaning. Hilarious. Someone needs to take a chill pill or learn social skills.
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