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Oh girl...the fact that you start off by saying that he has been supportive of your neurological condition, then go into the reasons that you know that he's not a great guy...girl, you're me. PLEASE get out of this relationship. I'm 49 now and regret so many relationships that have sucked my whole life out of me because I felt like I had problems that better guys wouldn't support. it's all bs. The guy will keep you feeling like your situation makes you unlovable to anyone else. It's just not true. You are a hardworking, intelligent woman, and you're being used. Please, please, please let him go. you will be sad at first, but very soon, you will be so, so, so much happier! I wish I had realized this 30 years ago. I wish you the very, very best.
Ntj. To cut someone's hair without their permission is an act of battery. Period.
I work in a restaurant that serves both vegan and traditional food. While we use separate areas/cutting boards/utensils etc, and are very careful not to cross contaminate, we use the same refrigerator, freezer, and industrial dishwasher. If everything is contained in the fridge and freezer, it is fine. As for the dishwasher, the high temperature and detergent take care of any issues. It seems that you have been doing everything reasonable and made all accommodations possible. YWNBTJ
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