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Ntj. Go to your boss or HR and them what is going on. She needs to learn you cant call anyone whatever nicknames you want. She's going to call someone the "wrong" nickname and it might end bad. Cute story: My brother's 1st grade teacher was calling him Mike and he was ingnoring her. She called my mom and asked why he was ingnoring her; my mom asked her what she was calling him and when she said Mike, my mom was like thats not his name.
Ntj. My husband has add and adhd. And you know what he learned to control it. Sure when we are watching stuff together, my husband might be working on something for work or for one of his hobbies.
Ntj. My husband and I are having problems with infertility we've been trying for 7 years. So I understand how your sister feels. BUT and this is a big but what she said was unnecessarily cruel to your children cruel to you and any of future children you have. If she's having this much trouble because she's infertile and having issues getting pregnant she needs to go seek professional help. I mean I understand where she's coming from wholeheartedly would that be like me getting mad at my sister and my brother for having kids as easy as they did. I don't hold it against my nieces my nephews my brother or my sister. You're NTJ, but I think you should go low contact with your family for a little bit. Put them on information diet don't let them know anything that they could possibly use to come back at you with because you're pregnant with your third (first pregnancy) child
Ntj. My husband would walk miles over broken glass to make sure i had something i could eat. Get rid of your partner he isn't worth it
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