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Ntj. Not in a million years. SIL needs to stay as far away as possible. Save any texts from either of them saying oh it not that bad or anything that admits to doing it on purpose. And I would have in a divorce decree if you go that route, your husband only has supervised visits with your child until they're old enough, sister-in-law is not allowed near your children. And quite honestly with how bad you're saying your allergy is you could have called the cops on her because she is purposely putting you and your child in danger. Actually still might not be a bad idea to get this on a record because if she tries this after the child's born and your child has your allergy or another allergy just as severe she can get in trouble she purposely gets a child sick. I work in healthcare I see this all the time we take allergies so serious that it actually funny. You tell if you have a mild allergic reaction to eggs for example you get nothing that is cooked with eggs or medication with eggs or anything like that.
Ntj. Its been almost 2 years since my dad past. If my mom would move on from him, i would understand it and while i dont know how i would handle it. But I wouldn't be laying a guilt trip on my mom. And thats what they are doing. You cant be alone and stuck in place. Bring up grief counseling with your in-laws, and reinforce boundaries. And anytime they cross them even a little toe over the lines put them in time out. Let them know first it will be a month and then every month added every time they go over your boundaries. But also let them know that they will always have a part of your kids lives they're their grandparents( as long as they're not toxic or detrimental to the children's health).
Ntj. Your house, your property, your animals your choice who you allowed on your property, in your home or around your animals. As for her having issues with you calling them " babies ", she needs to take a long walk off of a short pier. And after her at blow up at your boundaries for your property and rescue animals, I would go LC/NC with her. And remember NO, is a complete sentence.
Ntj. You have 3 months till she is there. And most couples would want to build it together. The fact that she had a male co worker come over and built it, i would be mad to. That would be like the husband having a female co worker come over and redecorate the living room without telling her. If this was a friend and i was told this i would tell her she was trying to take it from her husband and dont be surprised that he wants a paternity test once the baby's born. I wouldnt be surprised to find out that the baby isn't his.
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