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Ntj. Im a stna/cna what few days i get off i just want to relax and sleep my husband lets me. He will even stay in bed with me and keep me company. He understands how hard and stressful it is especially since thingy.
No jerks. You told your husband your feelings about his friend. Your husband understood your thoughts and everything. But just remember you dont have to be friends with him, just be cordial around him.
NTJ. your mom is. She needs to cut the cord, especially since you dont live with her and make your own money. Put her on a information diet, and she starts yelling at you, leave. Dont give her the option, the yelling starts just leave. If she calls or text you let her know unless she can act like a adult and talk to you like an adult you'll keep doing it and if it continues on you will not be coming over. It will be hard, im in the same boat (but mine is my family thinks that they can run my life.) But i have faith in you. Good luck
Your NTA but your husband is My husband had adhd, add and sbh and never used them as a excuse. Your husband using his diagnosis to gaslight you is wrong. Like you said you could even tell what part of the body it was, and in your edit he told you to contact him if you have any problems.
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