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Ntj. But he sure is and he'll find out how bad once he gets starts his residency, because those veteran nurses, techs and other long term employees will not put up with his BS. I would have your son and daughter tell him next time he's making his remarks, only those who couldn't handle being on the front line become doctors. I had an aunt like your brother except for she didn't do anything with her life which thought she was better than everybody else, and she used to make disparaging remarks about my weight and everything. Because of her I actually have a eating disorder because of it.
Ntj. You did what any good dad would do. Your wife is acting worse then a mean girl in highschool. I get being mad at 1st, and saying some of the things but its been 4 months, and she is still acting like this? She should be in therapy, because it sounds like she was planning on living vicariously through your daughter. Im assuming you guys had her young and the both of you had to put alot of dreams on hold. She sees your daughter as a way to see those dreams come true and when your college educated adult daughter made a decision different then mommy wanted she went off the rails. You said your daughter is helping around the house, making plans on what to do after the baby is born, and if she has a WFH job there would be no need for any other child care. It seem like you raised your daughter with her head on right. Its not like shes 14 and you'll end up watching the baby daily.
Ntj. She should have corrected you years ago. And her partner being mad at little kids for mispronouncing her name when it sounds like they are still very young is a jerk move. I would tell your husband you will not allow your mil partner around your childern unless hes not there and when asked why. Tell them that he cant keep being mad at young children (who are learning to talk) because they mispronounce mil names, and you refuse to put your childern in contact with a person that takes it out on them
Ntj. By completely forbidding treats and everything that just sets him up for failure. Doctors will tell you everything moderation. All im seeing is giant red flags with how she acted, if hes not careful she will be the only person hes allowed around. Quite honestly im getting Amber Heard vibes from her.
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