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YTJ. You are not a jerk for rehoming his dog temporarily, but I do think you should have let that person know that if he shows up within X amount of time, the dog would go back. You are the jerk for not telling him where his dog is now that he's out of the hospital through a situation that was no fault of his own. Imagine you had car accident, went into a coma, woke up 2 months later, and your friend wouldn't tell you who they had given your cat to because they liked that person better as a cat owner. You would be livid. A mental health break where you are in the hospital without the ability to contact someone is similar. Barring obvious animal interesting, this is not your call to make.
I would consider the likely possibility that she built the ring online not to say she needs that literal exact one from that literal exact jeweler in that literal exact quality, but rather to suggest, 'take this to a shop and show it to the sales person so they can help you find something like it it.' The difference in ring price basically boils down to the metal, the quality of the diamond, and the size of the diamond, with major price jumps at 1/2 karat, 1 karat, etc. So if for example she showed you a picture of a ring with a perfect diamond just over 1 karat in an 18 karat setting, you could cut the price down significant with a 3/4 karat stone with a small occlusion in it in a 16 carat setting. If you brought the image to most jewelers and told them your price point, they could help you figure that out exactly.
ESH. As a woman, I agree that $400 is too much for a purse when you are barely making ends meet and probably would have sounded incredulous too. I also know people who think $400 is totally appropriate for a purse. You two need to discuss this privately as equal partners and see each other's perspective to make a decision. Involving your mom in a marital dispute, even a minor one, is a big no-no, even if you "asked" your wife if you could. (What was she supposed to say knowing your mom was sitting right there asking to get involved on behalf of her baby boy?) What my husband and I do, which takes a lot of the heat out of such conversations, and which I recommend to folks who are planning a budget, is that we set aside a "fun budget" for each person each month. You can decide to make that $20 or $200 or $2000, but whatever it is, it fits in your budget and you both get the same amount. Then that money is that spouse's to spend or save as they see fit for whatever they want. If I have money in my fun fund to buy a book or a camera or a purse, I buy it. If I don't, I save up until I do. Purchases outside of our own fun funds that are not already otherwise budgeted get discussed.

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