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Absolutely reasonable! My sister was fostering a cat, she lives 3 hours from us. My mom is VIOLENTLY allergic to cats. my 12 year old nephew even knows they need to stop and change clothes before arriving to visit, and they were very cautious about what they touched once they shower before leaving the house. There is NO REASON to deny your request!
Frankly I believe your approach is the smart way to go. I'm American, and my mother always had a similar policy; if my sisters and I were old enough to want to drink, she would prefer we went to her and she could supervise rather than us sneaking off and potentially getting hurt. We're all normal, well adjusted adults, and none of us ever went to parties and got plastered because we weren't rebelling or sneaking alcohol. We always drank under supervision, so nothing bad ever happened to us. By contrast, a kid I went to school with from age 6 to 16 had very strict parents who would not allow any alcohol in their home, and he snuck out to a frat party with his older brother and died because he passed out and drowned in his own vomit.
My first college English professor told the class on the first day that he doesn't give A's on essays in his class, so "Get used to being at most a 'B' student in here." I took that as a personal challenge. I got straight A's on every paper he assigned, no matter how silly the topic. (One was a 5- paragraph essay describing a Jolly Rancher candy using all 5 senses.) He HATED that he could not find any reason to mark me down, and as far as I know, I am still the only student who ever made an A in his class.

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