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Ntj. And the next time ur mom pulls that crap guilt trip and tells her how disappointed in u she is, tell her how disappointed in her u are. His incompetence is a direct result of her incompetent parenting of him. Treating him like a disabled person all these years has lead to him being a "disabled" person. He is fully capable to do everything for and by himself and u would appreciate it if she started treating him like the adult he is. If she keeps on and if he keeps on, tell him maybe he should apply for welfare since he's so disabled.
Ntj. Something people fail to realize is that parents are supposed to work themselves out of a job. Young adults are supposed to want to be independent from mom and dad are supposed to be out on their own.
Ntj. If u don't see the warning flags here, u are blind. His personality sucks. He's selfish, inconsiderate, abusive and just a total jerkwad. U need to find a new place asap and if u give him any more money, send it by check with the purpose written on the check. That is a legal document he can not dispute.
Ntj. Do not give one red cent to her. She made her decision and u went it. U owe her nothing.
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