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No jerks here. He was up front and honest with you and your tastes are changing. His aren't. He had compromised and stayed with you even though tats are his thing. How far are u going to push before u expect him to leave? Are u going to try a guilt trip on him at that point? Will u bring up that he must not have loved u for u instead of ur appearance? Keep this in mind and don't blame him.
Oh wow so NTJ! There is no way i would enable that lifestyle or their behavior. They are adults. Time to let them sink or swim on their own.
No, i missed that edit. That changes the situation.
Ntj and i wouldn't apologize to ur dad. Start kidding him about not pulling the prank. Just kidding. That'd probably really tick him off. It's funny that it took a "scary" guy to straighten ur dad up.
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