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Has anyone thought that maybe the parents moved the younger son to keep the semblance of a regular family? They coudn't have the oldest one physically with them, but by being in the same area, maybe they thought they were keeping the family together. Maybe they went about things the wrong way and resentment built up from the youngest. The guy is 18 and moving back is his decision. The parents need to back off now and let him be his own man.
Ntj. Look. Everyone turned out fine. All I would have said was don't do it again and then dropped it. The generations of the 60's and 70's did a lot of things that aren't done now and we turned out fine. Ur husband is an idiot.
Ntj. Avery's feelings should never trump what's legally or morally right. A 14 yr can't possibly think of everything that could go wrong with the friend going and parents not communicating first. She is a hormonal teen. Talk to her like u would an adult, she will listen more when she knows ur treating her more like an adult. Explain some of the scenarios and why u needed to speak first to jade's parents. Don't let the emotions take over.
Ntj. Ur wife doesn't realize that when she married u, U became her family. Her sister and parents are not top priority any longer and she owes u (u owe each other) the loyalty and trust. U should have been able to trust her explicitly and then she goes and dumps on that trust. U need to have a talk with her and make her understand how serious this breech of trust is for u. This might be a deal breaker. U need to make her understand that this is UR inheritance, not her sister's, not the bil's or the in-laws.
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