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Ntj, nor even a little bit, your husband is, and I'm sorry, but the 10 year old is on his way. Kids know exactly how to manipulate their parents into what they want and that's exactly what he is doing and it's obviously working on his dad like a charm.
Because the stepdaughter is TEN and they are TWO. that's too much of a difference in ages and maturity to put together and not have huge problems. A 10 year old shouldn't have to baby proof their bedroom, but with twin 2 year olds, that's exactly what would have to happen. It would be far better to have the 5 year old share with the 2 year olds, even tho they are different genders because they are closer to the same level.
YTJ. This was an extreme emergency and sis was right in that this is what family is supposed to do for each other
1st of all, HIPPA doesn't apply here unless your sister is the person's doctor, so she's reaching for an argument that isn't even there for some unknown reason. Your suggestion to move in was weird, but not worthy of a blow up. Your sister may be pregnant and hormonal but your brother in law isn't so there's no reason for him to behave the way you are describing. Something is just off with the whole situation
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