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NTJ and to be completely honest, at this point if I were his farher/your husband I would feel so disrespected by my own son by these actions that I wouldn't attend either. The son/step-son wants to make his statement, that's fine, I can also respond to the disrespect of that statement. Not to get him to change it, but just because he needs to understand that actions have consequences
Ytj. There's no way to claim that you weren't.
Sorry but ytj. In your own house, do whatever you want, but you are a guest, you said "I usually eat the whole container in a day or two" which implies that you are eating a few bites and putting it back into the freezer. There's no way for other people in the house to know that it's been eaten out of, double dipped if you will. So yes, that's gross.
It's only out of line if she was told specifically to not do his laundry and she did it anyway. Because every other household chores seems to be fair game, but don't dare touch the man's jerk
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