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Haha more people need to react this way to these horrible stories I read on here lol. Good job!
If someone is a jerk face through and through how is keeping him away holding a grudge? Its called common sense
What did he expect, rent free housing forever?
He is literally holding you back. If someone cant stick through the tough times he sure as crap shouldn't be part of the good when all your hard work starts to pay off. AND this man baby can't make it 2 weeks?! Couples put up with YEARS of this kind of thing and he cant make it 2 friggin weeks?! Ask yourself do you REALLY want this guy holding you back and acting like this every time you have to put in some hard work? Let me guess, once you start work if you're gone too long he's going to jerk and say it's your fault for being so busy and neglecting him? That is your future if this is his reaction to studying for a measly couple of weeks. What a baby.
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