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Why on earth would she invite anyone into your sick household right now??? If anything get your daughter out of the sickness to go there. You said for some reason that doesnt happen, the best thing to do would be to switch off, let mommy and daughter play together and give dad a break. And if she was feeling too sick still, why would she arrange this playdate? Your wife makes no sense. SHE was feeling better, SHE invited another kid over, SHE can handle it. Rest up my dude. Ntj
You would be a jerk if you catered to this jackass. How rude of someone that's never been to your home before to make demands like that. Ntj, please dont change what you do. You cannot please everyone. There's always one of these a holes around. Dont change a thing for them.
You let this go too far first of all. You should have shut down 'roaming hands' and 'accidental kisses' when that jerk started. First time, confusion. Second time, hey, stop now please. And obviously they arnt going to admit hes a creep. Walk away and leave them with the facts. They dont have any right to your body or time. If you're uncomfortable that's all that matters. Period. Get away from these psychos now. (The fact that she argued and gave an ultimatum makes her crazy, and her mom too for that matter. Sacrifices?!)
Its 30 mins, get over yourself. Ytj
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