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Heads up tootsie, wildchild BUT didn't get into TROUBLE. Getting pregnant is kind of an act of trouble. Trouble thats has a long term consequence. Next point, the "catch was to actually go to college", how was it that was NOT followed?
Less to give it a day or wait till the end of the event, maybe the last hour to intro the bf.
Appropriate_Radish You may be a bit harsh there, women have more intuitive skills, guys are not always at that level. There is no manual to parenting, I believe that more households lean to look like "Home Improvement" than not. Each gender has a skill set that traditionally is shone at home, sure there are more evolved than others. Menatlly or emotionlly ,mothers are different than fathers. There is no mind reading of how one acts, like as Tim-the-toolman-Taylor quote says "Is this written down somewhere?" Some guys get the father role, perhaps by example or their wife is VERY vocal and very detailed in the instructions. Do females instinctly know each and every machine they have in their orbit? Give a break to those skills that fall short of an unknown (or known) expectation.I know some gals that are OVER the top with how they want things done, 'he's' never going to win, so better to give up while they are behind. Too many unknowns to guess what will work here, just throwing out why there are not easy solutions.

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