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I always find homemade gifts to be the best ones. You put thought, time, and effort into it so it means more. Early in my relationship with my husband I wrote him a poem. I think it was either for something silly like a two month anniversary or just because. Either way he did not care AT ALL. He didn't get it and it didn't make him feel special. It hurt so much, but he was gentle about it and just let me know that it's not something that makes him feel special. Think of it like the love languages. Different people prefer different types of gifts. Some prefer useful gifts, things many people wouldn't like for presents such as a crock pot or vacuum. Some people like things that have to do with their interests like a nerdy t-shirt or a video game. Some people like handmade gifts like a song or bracelet. If you don't like certain types of gifts that's ok, but acting like an ungrateful baby because you didn't get what you wanted is NOT OK. Just politely tell the person once that you appreciate the thought, but you prefer a different type of gift. Also do it privately and preferably after pretending to like it at least a bit so you don't crush the gift giver. Do NOT mention it over and over, "Oh god remember that one horrible gift you got me?" You don't know how much time and effort went into finding the perfect present only for it to fall completely flat and we don't want it shoved in our faces over and over. My Dad did that to me and god after like the tenth time I finally had enough and told him off for being an ungrateful arse.
Jesus Christ I thought this kid was THREE! I mean you'd still be in the right then, they should be teaching her to be careful and not steal, but she's EIGHT! I mean she might be like me and have ADHD, I've walked out without paying for something once or twice without realizing and had to return it, but they are enabling her. They need to teach her to keep track of what she's doing or she's going to be out with her friends and get in big trouble with a store for stealing.
I mean I agree that family includes pets, but I would never assume that when when someone asks to bring, the whole family, they meant pets too. When I ask to visit family I specifically ask, "Can Lulu come too?" because other people have lives and other pets that might not get along with ours.
Just wanted to say that after reading this I never would have guessed people would say YTJ. It's a family dinner and you're sharing an important moment of your life with your family. Honestly if people take a holiday dinner seriously enough that they are offended by a proposal I just don't understand. If someone proposed at my house I both wouldn't wouldn't expect them to ask and I'd find it makes the whole thing even more special. Am I saying everyone else is wrong? No, but it's just a little silly to me I guess.
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