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I had a rule at my wedding where I didn't want to support toxic relationships while celebrating my relationship with my family and friends. I told three different family members I didn't want their partners to come. Was I upset when they decided not to come as a result, sure, but did I yell at them and tell them they were awful for ditching the wedding, no. I might have whined to my mom and now-husband about them, but I understand that telling someone their partners can't come can hurt. I don't think I told any of them the real reason why, I didn't want to start a bunch of drama. I just wanted to celebrate healthy relationships.
To the people who are saying the car does not belong to the kid, it belongs to the parents because she's a minor. It depends on your state/country, but that's not actually true. If it's a "family" item then you can decide to sell it, destroy it, whatever, but any gift to your child might be theirs and thus illegal to sell, destroy, whatever. You are the adult responsible for them however so you CAN temporarily take it away for grounding purposes. Just drive the car to a friend's/family member's house so she doesn't have access and don't tell her where it is. For those of you foaming at the mouth about children being entitled to their own things, I have seen far too many abusive parents trying to keep a child's clothes, documents (birth certificate/social security number), and literally anything else when they try to leave the house because "they bought them" and they are mad the kid is leaving because of their abuse. I've seen parents destroying their child's things because the child didn't clean their room in time. These parents are unhinged so being able to lay down the law and make them replace the things they do this to or force them to give the child their stuff when they move is important.
I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed that there was likely a secret poly relationship the parents probably didn't feel comfortable sharing with their kids. Sounds like mom's relationship with her gf is causing problems though because op doesn't think of her as family, but mom and dad do. Either way op's mom should be considerate of op's feelings and make sure that they get to do the things they want for the trip that's supposed to be for them. As others have mentioned let the gfs go off and have adventures while everyone else relaxes :) As an aside I don't think lying to your kids like this is healthy. Op deserves to know and is old enough to keep a secret if the parents are worried about it getting to other family members, their jobs, etc.
If people want to show appreciation for teachers they should be fighting the administration for better wages, not buying them a freaking apple anyway. As someone who had a terrible teacher, I highly recommend telling the higher ups how she behaves and asking to switch classes
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