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YTJ. He's your work colleague, not your friend. You don't know him or his relationship. Even if you knew him well that's not the most tactful way to point something like that out. Instead it would be much better to sit him down and tell him you're worried about what may come of his actions, but you understand it's his choice.
Either way NTJ, but it's possible your father might be. It all depends on whether they have separate finances or if they pool their money together. If they are separate then it's your dad's money and she has no say over what he does with it, same with your money. However it may be that he helped you make a rather large purchase without consulting his wife about it, which depending on how much the desk cost might be a pretty big deal. Either one of them making large purchases without talking to the other can be a big problem, especially if money is tight. Having said that, your mother still overreacted when she said she might throw the desk out, that's just silly.
I'm very proud of the original commenters. I only wish the commenters here were more understanding. Romantic/sexual relationships can be equal to friendships and familial relationships. Having said that his mother may not be overstepping your husband's boundaries, his body his choice, but it's not ok that she's overstepping yours. Having a good talk with your husband about what you're comfortable with when it comes to your mother-in-law interfering in your relationship is perfectly reasonable. Hopefully he can help you talk to his mom about these boundaries so no one's feelings are hurt. NTJ.
Trying to figure out if A). this is not true and literally from a fanfiction, B). you like Harry Potter and renamed your friends characters from the series for privacy reasons, C). Harry Potter has been around long enough that people are naming their kids Hermione and Luna, or D). this somehow has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter and somehow your friends just ended up with those names. Either way NTJ and it's time to set some boundaries with your friend and distance yourself from them if they refuse to listen to those boundaries.
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