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Overall NTJ. I think some of your rules are harsh for a 17 year old but she also has done things to warrant stricter rules. At this stage though I think she would benefit from a clear path to earning more lenient and age appropriate rules like curfew and electronics. She will legally be an adult soon and needs to learn to be a responsible one. You're MIL is totally overstepping especially about threatening to call CPS if you do the same to HER grandchildren.
While is wasn't right you stole the credit card your mom and SD are the jersey. What 15 year old should have 3 jobs and contribute to household expenses?? He was wrong for stealing the money from you and while I'm not sure where you live your mom should be eligible for prenatal care. Get out of there ASAP.
It's a concert, most people stand and those that don't should know most people stand unless they've never been to a concert before. You're NTJ for standing at all. Security probably didn't come because if they made you sit then they'd have to make everyone blocking your view sit too if you asked.
Wow, your wife is a huge jerk! You are totally right you gave him a 5.00 ticket that just happened to be worth 50k. It is absolutely not right for her to expect you two to take it back. Congrats to your cousin. I agree with another comment though you may want to give him a heads up although that may totally backfire and expose what a witch she's being to the rest of your family. You decide whats best there.
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