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YTJ. Em is an adult who has managed her diabetes since she was a child. Your well-meaning interference might be the catalyst for the others to ask you to move out. With that in mind, I would strongly recommend that you stay in your lane. No one likes unsolicited advice on how to manage their own life. I should know; I got a lot of it when I was undergoing cancer treatment. "Take vitamin C!" (can interfere with chemo jerk); "Eat more greens!" (was dealing with radiation diarrhea at the time); "Cancer feeds on sugar; eat less sugar!" (I was visiting a confectionery shop every day!)
NTJ. It looks like OP and her partner are the neighbor's ATM/food mart. Time to involve Social Services, like yesterday. OP can't keep supporting two households.
NTJ. But ask yourself this: if YOU were in dire straits, would your SO and/or his mother help YOU out? Does any part of their personas even hint at this? If you have your doubts, there's your answer. "No" is not only a reasonable answer, it's a complete sentence. Most likely, those two will "borrow" from you until you are down to pocket change. When that happens, then the bullying and harassment will begin. "You're worthless," "What good are you, you can't even hold onto money for living expenses," "I don't know why we tolerate having you around," and the list goes on. Keep your money in your pocket and let your SO'S mother figure out something else.
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