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NTJ. She whose feet are in the stirrups makes the rules. You're the one who will be going through labor; YOU get to decide who will and will not be in the delivery room with you. Not your unsupportive husband, not your meddling MIL. You. The stress caused by unwanted individuals in the area can result in a c-section. Not good. Just inform the staff of your decisions; they will not only support your boundaries, but enforce them.
NTJ. Not only jobless, but was fired? Your SO may be "nice," but as soon as you add his name to the deed, "nice" may hop the next train out of town, leaving you with someone who is financially abusive towards you and your kids. For your sake, do NOT allow Prince Charming to move in with you until he gets a job that will allow him to pay you market-value rent and utilities. And whatever you do, do NOT put his name on the deed, period. If the relationship turns sour, you and your kids could end up homeless. DON'T DO IT.
NTJ. You and your wife had an agreement, and she didn't follow through with her part of the bargain. She welched; she got busted. Unfortunately, the dog is now conditioned to sleep on the bed. Your wife caused this, so now it's on her to fix it. She has to now train her dog to sleep elsewhere, preferably in the living room in his own bed. If she objects, ask her if, were the situation reversed, she would have this same mindset, and would she prefer rehoming her pet? That should shut down any ensuing protests.
NTJ. You are the grandfather everyone wishes they had. You didn't think twice about taking in your granddaughter after the loss of both of her parents. Getting her a gift just because was a wonderful gesture. There was no favoritism involved. Your daughters, however, seem to suffer from a type of tunnel vision commonly known as entitlement. They apparently believe that everything you have should come to them and their offspring, ONLY. You need to address this with them, and put a stop to it before it gets out of hand. They certainly aren't setting a proper example for their kids, that's for sure.
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