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YTJ there is absolutely no reason the father can't watch his child once in awhile so you can go out and be with the girls. Your life does not have to be lived in the house all the time. You are lucky Mia dealt with it this long
Stand your ground and let Owen keep his original plan. It is his xbox to sell and that is what he wants to do. Please do not force him to give it away
I would be seeing a lawyer to make sure your half of everything is safe from ever falling into his greedy little hands. He is planning on getting every last thing for himself. Please go now and even if your wife doesn't agree, make a will just in case and store it somewhere safe so it cant be destroyed or lost
And you didn't lock it up after the first time? Sorry, this one is kinda on you. If you chose to stay knowing he had no respect for you then it is on you to grow a set and leave him and take the kids with you if you don't want them to go through what you did when you were young
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