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Do you feel better, cupcake? Here's some attention you obviously really need.
Lol. It I'm risking MY life to deliver a baby, I don't accommodate ANYONE. Sorry your think she shiukd be a doormat.
The wife is paying 70% while he pays 30%.. He chose to stay home for all the kids (his AND hers) before this even came up. That makes up for her footing all the expenses for a family of 7. How is his wife the jerk??? She supports him and his kids already. He watches all the kids so they don't have to pay daycare. It evens out. Now, he wants to change the agreement they had and wants his wife to pay for his daughters school when it's up to him and his ex (daughter's mother) - SOLELY.
You actually are verbally attacking someone over their differing opinion. First, you mock someone's spelling, now you're name calling, like a child, for someone saying something you didn't like - and it wasn't even said to you. And you call me childish?! LOL! You poor, poor crybaby. What a miserable existence you must have.
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