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NTJ and have a thik about whether your husband has displayed any other controlling, sexist behaviour. If so, pull him up on it, put him in his place and if he gets aggressive, look into ending the marriage. You should never give a controlling man an inch because it will only get worse.
NTJ. Have a little look round online about what an utter scam NFTs are - the bubble has long burst for people becoming overnight millionaires with this stuff, and share the best articles you find with your family.
I wonder if the issue for Megan is that she expects other family members to torment and harass her all day for being single. Jane and her groom are not jerks for setting limits on their guest list, but you should talk to Megan and perhaps reassure her that you will have her back if people start in on her with the usual nonsense that boring, unimaginative straights like to throw at anyone who doesn't confirm. Maybe encourage Megan to value her singledom, praise her for not settling for the first loser to cross her path, etc.
NTJ. Your child is legally and morally entitled to a relationship with his dad BUT his dad is not entitled to any relationship with you other than what is necessary to co-parent. So gt some legal advice so he can't mess you about or decieve you into putting his wishes ahead of what's good for the child, because wahhh fathers have rights...
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