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I am 51 years old. I was bullied in school from kindergarten on. Bullied because we wewere poor and our clothes, the few we had, came from a salvation army bin or were hand made. Bullied because i had buck teeth and there wasn't money for braces. Bullied for early puberty. Bullied for being fat. Bullied for wearing dresses because of our faith. I had my hair pulled, was knocked down, had perfume sprayed in my face that caused an asthma attack that needed medical/hospital intervention. I was held in the girls room while other girls attacked me...kicks and punches. Random people walking in the hall slapping my back and head, hard enough to leave bruises. Invited to the freshman hop... as a joke. The list goes on and on. I attempted suicide a few times. Now? These same people act as if I am their long lost friend. They too, go by the add age that kids will be kids. They may not think about what they did to me, but I can't ever forget! Age and your own pain NEVER EXCUSES you taking your garbage out on someone else. There is no justifiable excuse for physically and or emotionally abusing another person. Ever! As an adult, I can look at these people and know they have changed. However, that does not change the psychological damage they caused me. You can't spend years abusing someone and expect them to allow you anywhere near them, just because you changed! Especially with no apology, no admitting to what was, for Marie, YEARS OF HELL, by being nice, now. I choose who I allow in my life. The people who hurt me the most will never have access to me. Ever. The fact that Daisy still terrifies HER VICTIM so much, makes me wonder just what she did to that girl. Regardless, just because you think Marie should just get over it...maybe Daisy should be held accountable for the harm she caused, instead ofor getting a free pass because they were "just kids". I applaud the bride for standing up for Marie. It is probably the first time anyone ever stood up first or her applaud against her abuser. Make no mistake here, bullying is abuse!
And yet he wasn't asking was he the jerk because of the sleeping arrangements. He asked was he the jerk for yelling at his wife because he was angry with her mother. The answer is YES! No one deserves to be screamed at, nor someone use them as an emotional punching bag, especially someone going through the he'll this woman is going through. Until every bite you put in your mouth causes you to violently vomit for months... you have no clue what she is going through and the physical and psychological toll it is having on her body that is trying to grow a human being at the same time. You are going to yell at her and fight with her for sharing things with her mother?? Really?? Why do you even need to ask the AITJ? Your know you are!
Your post about your step daughter is so over the top, I question the veracity of it. Your child is your child forever. Your husband had an already established relationship with his daughter. You married him and now want to interfere with that relationship. Why should he skip Christmas with his daughter, to spend it with yours? He accuses you of not liking his daughter because it is quite clear that you loathe her! How masochistic would she have to be to enclose herself in a room with women, all from YOUR family, knowing damned well you don't like her. You won't even go to her house for a holiday celebration because, in your own words, they are all your husbands family. I believe you married the man, hoping to get him to divorce his family for yours. Now you are passed because.... HE WANTS TO SPEND THE HOLIDAY with his family, JUST LIKE YOU DO! Anyone ever tried to come between me and my family would be an EX in a very short amount of time.
He was all those bad things, but not so bad you wouldn't hang out withe him and smoke the illegal substances he bought? I don't know if that says more about you, or more about him.
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