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SO is the jerk. Who eats a child’s food? That is ridiculous. But what makes it even more awful is he’s eating the last of something that is not his and not even bothering to tell you, leaving you in a bind when you go to pack lunches. He may not suck in general, but in this instance, he super sucks!
NTJ. So your ex has the boys a couple times a month and thinks he has a day over their hair? Screw that. This is absolutely harmless. Keep dying it. If they love it and they’re not getting in trouble at school, who cares‽ It’s hair! He can get over it.
I had a bigger friend for years. I tend to be smaller and fitter and I take my size pretty seriously. She would constantly make jokes about me being anorexic. It was exhausting and infuriating. Your sister is clearly not content with her size and refuses to do anything about other than belittle people around her. Goon on you for giving her a dose of her own medicine. you seriously rock.
If the cats always go to the bathroom outside, why would she need a litter box? Indoor/outdoor cats often don’t have a litter box. It’s actually way healthier if you live in a place that is safe for them to go outdoors.
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