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Should've given you enough time to "throw" some clothes on... They didn't, so you just "made do" with the time you did have.
I would just look at her like "Excuse Me?! I know you're not talking to me because I just had a f**king baby! Uh, I ain't cooking for nobody until I get good and ready to....." That's just the pettiness in me, though........
Since our sitter for our furbabies actually lives with us (on our property), we felt "okay" with leaving ours with him. If it was an "emergency" and one of us had to go out of town, but the other had to work, our "sitter" would step in for us. He's even "stepped in" for us not knowing what was going on. Edit: NTJ for looking out for your furbaby.
Wait..... WHAT?! He's asking YOU to buy everything for y'all's SHARED daughter's birthday?! Ummmmmm that would be a hell no from me in a heartbeat and I'm not "childfree" by choice either..........
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