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NTJ - I've been on both sides now that I have adult children and no longer have to juggle childcare. I paid my dues and I do not want to cover for people who aren't interested in working as hard as I did to fulfill my parental AND work responsibilities when my kids were young. I absolutely do help out from time to time, but I will not consistently sacrifice my own job/home life because it's more convenient for someone with young kids.
Get out of that relationship now. At best, he suspects you of doing exactly what he's doing on his password protected phone. At worst, he'll escalate from being controlling to being abusive.
From one toxic situation into another. Stay away from them.
Send your grandparents your class and study schedule each semester. Make it really easy to see when it's ok to call and when it is not ok to call. Then, don't answer the phone unless they call at the appropriate time.
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