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You are not the jerk! I went through this with my first born, I put his name on the birth certificate and then moved shortly afterwards because he started the same bullshit! At the time he tried to come to my new state and tried to get custody and the state told him no because he had to prove I was unfit and couldn't. Fast forward to this year my oldest is 23 and has 3 younger siblings (the youngest being 8) and my youngest 3 children's father tried to do the same because I moved for a better job and life for my kids (yes he's a jerk who has made every excuse of why he won't see his kids since the first was born 21 years ago) and the judges all said the same thing... because he's not on the birth certificate he has no leg to stand on. But he could petition the court for a DNA test and if he's their dad he then could petition the court to put him on the birth certificate. He didn't want to pay for any of. But the people sounded like they might so run, don't tell them where you are and keep protecting and loving those babies.
In my opinion you are using her not only for sex but also to put money in your pocket! She needs to run fast and far or she needs to start charging you for the use of her private areas!
I agree with stumpyone you are a psycho and should be in jail!

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