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I once worked at a call center for a banking conglomerate that held branches all over the northeast under a couple of names and a few in certain mid-western states under another name. I live in the South about an hour from the Gulf of Mexico (this is important to the story). I was in the home stretch of my 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. shift and was actually in a good mood at the time. My phone flashes and I hear the beep in my headset telling me I have a call. I will refer to the customer as AI (angry idiot): Me: “Thank you for calling customer service, this is Angie speaking. How may I assist you today?” AI: “Yes, I am calling about some overdraft fees on my account I need removed immediately.” Me: “I’ll be happy to assist you with that, I just need to verify some information first.” (This was standard protocol to verify the identity of the caller) Me: *proceeds to verify identity of AI. Me: “Okay Mr. AI, I can see here that you received 2 overdraft fees of $39 due to the transaction you made for $$$, but your balance was only $$ and this caused these to transactions to overdraw your account.” AI: “But there was enough to cover those two so it should only be the one fee. I want them BOTH refunded right now!!! Me: *checks notes* “I apologize sir, but you are already well over the allowed limit of fee refunds already. We cannot refund those fees.” AI: *very loud and angry* “If you don’t waive those fees I will hunt you down and kill you! I swear on all that is holy, you will regret treating me this way you [email protected]&$h. Do you understand me, I will find you and you will pay!!! (Customer then continues tirade of insults and threats). Me: “Sir, that kind of language is not tolerated and I will NOT put up with it. AI: *makes a few more threats and insults then hangs up. I then make some notes about what has occurred before going to my Supervisor. Me: Mr. D I am going to have a smoke after that last call. You need to pull it and listen right away. Mr. D: Right away. Go calm down. By the time I had smoked a cigarette and went to the restroom, he had listened to the call. As I returned to my computer he told me our Operations Manager wanted to see me right away. I walk over to his desk across the call floor. Me: I was told you wanted to see me. OM: Yes, I have BC (banking conglomerate) on the phone right now. *pushes speakerphone button* They would like a few words with you about AI incident. Me: Okay. To make a longer story shorter I’ll get right to the point. They informed that AI’s account had been frozen. All his accounts would be closed and his money would be mailed to him, AND they wanted me know that they had contacted the authorities and were pressing full charges against him on my behalf for his actions (his account would remain frozen until his sentencing then closed and funds mailed to the joint account holder which was his wife). They gave me a couple of paid days off to “collect myself” after my ordeal. A few months later I received another call from a lady whose name seemed familiar. As I was assisting her with her account she mentioned how she had been with the bank for years on a Gold account with her husband but after he got arrested for threatening a call center employee over overdraft fees, she divorced him and had just recently opened her own account. She then said that the 4 years he was sentenced to weren’t enough in her opinion and she wished she could find the lady to apologize but the bank wouldn’t give her that info. I never said a word about me being the lady, but I spent several minutes enjoying hearing her tell about how she got EVERYTHING in the divorce. I finished her call and went to my break with the biggest smile on my face. Never have I ever had so much satisfaction from answering a call.

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