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That 2nd person saying you're a jerk is way overreacting and missing the point. No you're not a jerk. If she wanted to stay home then she should have said she can't come in, not say she's running late then expect you to read her mind. Quite frankly, you sound like a great boss because I have one who's a complete jerk if someone dares to get sick.
According to OP, nobody is pressuring her to come out at the funeral. Everybody is telling her it's a bad idea. The friend is the one not listening.
NTJ. This is the sort of thing you can expect from a workplace that is exclusively women:gossip, catty behavior, backstabbing. The best you can do is talk to the mom to be in private and look for another in the meantime.
Yes, YTJ unfortunately. You're right about grandma being self centered but you should've kept your thoughts to yourself. It's clear grandma doesn't like when all the attention is on others but you should apologize to her.
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