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NTJ If you're not comfortable that's okay. It's not ok to force you to do something you aren't comfortable with. She should have been happy that you were being considerate of your mother.
NTJ The father obviously never has to take responsibility for his children, and that is sad. Doesn't matter if OP is still on the clock, he should have been more than happy to help while she wrangled the 4yr old. Talk to the mother & if she doesn't do anything about it, quit! After you quit, you should confront the "father" for his douchy, entitled attitude.
He didn't run his mouth. He was upset about something & spoke to a family member who should have been supportive. He should be able to tell his family without them being selfish. OP is NTJ. To say that he is, makes you sound like a ice hearted moron.
NTJ It's ok to splurge on yourself every so often. Everyone here is going off on OP. He said that he doesn't USUALLY spend money like that... He just got a raise, he deserves to treat himself. THEY have 10 cards, not HIM. His wife uses the cards too. & she has no right to get upset about his analogy after accusing him of something with no basis. She's spending the money too... If he had spent that large amount of money to treat HER, instead of himself, she very likely would have been fine with it. Just because OP is married, doesn't mean that he needs permission to treat himself for his own hard work. He earned the splurge. She should have been supportive.
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