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NTJ Make their life jerk. What do you have to lose? They already steal from you. Start stealing from them. If you're going to do the time you might as well do the crime.
This is why you should just stick to whatever your agreement is. NTJ for not wanting to give your kid up for the whole month of December. YTJ for making it seem more about money than actually spending the holiday with your kid.
NTJ If the bridesmaids show up in white dresses for her wedding she'll be mad that none of you warned her. Send her the dress. If they all want to gang up on you for trying to fix this disaster, bow out of the drama.
NTJ He commented on your looks. If he can't take it he shouldn't dish it out. He's a pig and his sister Ana is an enabler. Tell her and everyone else exactly what he said and if she never speaks to you again, be grateful.
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