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This is her 1st child. Everything to do with pregnancy has been about you for years. You couldn't let her have the baby spotlight for even one night. YTJ
Get the school involved. This kid is bullying your sister. Tell the mom that if this is an acceptable outcome for taking a backpack that her son should expect a broken bone the next time he takes your sister's backpack. Maybe even 10 to make up for all the times he's already done it. Little boys are taught to fight back. Teach your sister the same. I'd tell her to get hardcore violent with the kid the next time he approaches her. She can point to her scratched face and broken finger and glasses as to why it's self defense. Tell him or have your sister tell him that he owes your sister 10 broken fingers. Make him afraid to be in the same room as her. I'd be looking for opportunities to step on his hand or slam his fingers in a door if I was your sister. NTJ
Get a backpack that you can fit her purse in. Carry a water bottle, some snacks, your keys, phone and her purse in the backpack. If she has a problem with this then her real issue is that she wants to assert control over you by getting you to do something she knows you don't want to do because you find it embarrassing. NTJ
Don't be surprised when they stop returning your packages. YTJ
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